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Active Guilds on Tibiantic
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Belleza en el sefuerzo
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Carlin Logger Society
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The ancient land. Forgotten to the sands of time, governing
over the endless blue expanse. Resting place of the Tomb of
Kings, the eternal vigil of Redbone Castle. We are
When exploring the Maze of Lost Souls a few scholars were
baffled by the discovery of the Griffin shield. Why was such
an item nowhere else to be found except for deep in the
dungeons below the legendary fields of Glory? Before, the
Griffon, the lord of earth and sky, was only heard of in
Dwarfish and Elvish legends. Could this majestic creature
have truly existed? We are destined to find out.
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"Jag har en plan."
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Welcome to Knighthood, where valor, honor, and camaraderie
are the cornerstones of our guild. Aspiring knights,
warriors, and adventurers, gather around! Founded on the
principles of chivalry and mutual respect, Knighthood stands
as a beacon of integrity and nobility in the lands of Tibia.

To join our esteemed ranks, adventurers must meet a
minimum level requirement of 20. However, more than just
prowess in battle, prospective members must embody kindness
and fairness in their interactions with others. We uphold a
strict code of conduct that prohibits cheating, botting, and
player killing. Our guild believes in fostering a safe and
supportive environment for all players.

Join us on the noble path of Knighthood, where bravery,
righteousness, and unity reign supreme. Together, let us
uphold the spirit of chivalry and make our mark on the world
of Tibia.

Before you can create a guild you must login.
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